Ellie Kelly

Liverpool’s answer to Media City: Netflix North.

An institute for teaching the art of film, TV and music in the heart of The Northern Docks.

The architecture and landscaping aim to celebrate the site’s location and its historical relevance. The buildings scale corresponds to others found in the area, such as The Titanic Hotel and Tate&Lyle Silo. Demanding to be noticed, it requests the same amount of attention and respect, and doesn’t drown in its built-up industrial surroundings. Concrete has been selected as the primary material as it helps the building to feel large, monolithic, and oversized. A pink hued concrete reflects and compliments the surrounding red brick buildings.

The architecture sits along the same line as adjacent buildings; slightly set back from the road, the building has been carved at its corners to allow for free movement of people around the site. These cut-outs create important overhangs, sheltering the outdoor café as well as the main entrance.  A bridge connects the building to the landscaped stair-way, similarly to how bridges used to connect buildings in this area. This provides a separate entrance for the students only. The landscaped-staircase also creates a direct connection with the canal, celebrating the site’s history and promoting use of the significant water way. The skylight covers the atrium helping daylight penetrate the inside of the otherwise-monolithic building.

Fundamentally, my project is a direct twenty-first century response to the site’s significant history, and therefore neighbouring structures. It respects the past whilst advocating the impending future.