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Farokh Damania

The ‘SAFE’ Recreation and Leisure Canoe Centre

SAFE is a community-led organization that is looking to transform a piece of derelict land in Bootle beside the Leeds-Liverpool canal into a new community comprising affordable housing for local people, public realm space, a new creative and digital hub, a canal-side eatery with guest accommodation and a canoe hub. The proposed design of the Canoe Hub represents a temporary and transportable architectural structure. The canoe hub is required to be on-site for around 2 years after which the SAFE hub would be built there. The Canoe hub consists of temporary, self-build, environment-friendly, self-sufficient demountable, and relocate-able activating elements. The self build demountable system involves the use of plywood planks which are assembled to create 300mm deep cassettes. These cassettes are then used as building blocks to fabricate the structures for Canoe Hub. The Canoe hub constitutes of three rectangular structures which provide various facilities including an exhibition space, school resource centre, restaurant and a cafe, canoe station, cycle hire, etc The Canoe hub would not only give an opportunity to its visitors to relax, socialize and canoe, but would also inform them about SAFE Regeneration and their plans for the masterplan. Visitors are provided with both indoor and outdoor seating spaces. Timber decking has been provided along the edges of the Leeds-Liverpool canal and the Carolina Basin to provide for canoe stations and a pathway for people to cycle or walk on.

email: farokhdamania@hotmail.com
web: www.farokhdamania.com
mobile: +44 (0) 7470264991

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