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Flora Grayson

Central to my regeneration of this site was stressing permeability of green pedestrian routes and ecological corridors whilst addressing natural surveillance forming this futureproof ecovillage. Driven by sustainable building fabric my family townhouses, built from hempcrete within an expressive timber frame offer flexible spaces for live/work and a journey through considered living spaces to a loggia bringing private external access up to a solarium and roof terrace with stunning vistas through the scheme and canal beyond. Setting the blocks perpendicular to the canal allowed uninterrupted views and routes connecting all users. A private drive, bounded by bespoke, social walls, is sheltered by cantilevered living spaces above and offers electric charging points. The hempcrete, used both structurally and as insulation, is carbon zero and moments within the house expose its raw, rich texture. The biggest failing of townhouses is the lack of cross ventilation and daylighting. In using voids these problems could be addressed whilst enabling the creation of beautifully curated social and quiet spaces bathed in light. My manifesto details the Off-Beat District design intentions : change the perception of Bootle by fostering SAFE’s ‘opportunity for all approach’ to the Creative Arts, design housing that comprehensively encourages a healthier lifestyle by providing passivehaus principles to achieve a utilitarian Eco village in a permeable, green, waterside oasis. My design ethos has produced a sustainable housing development for our affordable fossil-free future and a comprehensive healthy and creative lifestyle for the people of the Off-Beat District, here in Bootle.

email: flora.grayson@gmail,com
tel: 07926887939