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Frances Hedgley

It takes a village

This project is based in Bootle, Liverpool. It is a community regeneration project, for SAFE. My focus was the townhouses. I was inspired by my own experiences in rural villages, I loved the way I felt when I was living in one and visiting one that is not my own. This scheme creates the same feelings and qualities of being in a rural village but in the form of an urban modernized village. We can learn alot from our rural villages about belonging and being proud of our identity. Being proud of where you live is crucial. When you walk around a village although you can get the feeling of being watched and  standing out like a foreign object, you also feel the strength of the community. The corner shop is the hub of the community where news is passed on and aquantances strengthened. Likewise the village green is a focal point to celebrate and promote the people’s values. A place to relax and reflect. Here people are not strangers but fixtures. The ethos of a safe, calm environment is fostered from familiarity. Everyone knows everyone. Many of these village characteristics are adopted and welded together with urban vibrancy in Bootle’s own urban village. Creating a place to belong, a vibrant village that creates a communal friendship and is strong and safe is at the core of this urban village. The whole scheme will revolve around a community heart- the centre square, where the focal clock tower and corner shop will be.

Email: fhedgley@icloud.com