Hannah Goodrich

Box Office

The ‘Box Office’ is a film school designed near the centre of Liverpool. The building’s principle is a ‘box within a box’; the design comprises of a large glass outer shell with four smaller boxes within. A series of platforms and bridges, in a central strip, connects the boxes and creates interesting viewpoints throughout the building. Louvered glass panels create natural ventilation through the large atrium space. A minimal palette of timber and black steel is used in different forms, inspired by building materials from around the site, for example, shingles, corrugated, mesh. The main block contains a strip of classrooms and offices with big windows and views over the canal, whereas the internal boxes which have no need for external views, such as lecture theatres and the film studio. The library and creative writing suites sit on top of two of the blocks, creating interesting light-filled areas for learning and creativity in the communal space, with interesting internal views. The refectory is situated underneath the lecture theatre block creating a more enclosed environment within the larger volume. The reception is positioned in the central block to encourage visitors to experience the full impact of the building; directing circulation in a central strip between the office block and the three free-standing structures. The outside landscaping creates social spaces for the students and the public, with an outside cinema and a series of walled gardens. The concept of this design is to encourage creativity and learning in a stimulating communal building.

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