Hannah Harvey

A Community Garden

This project looks at creating a new masterplan in Bootle. The scheme has two courtyard clusters of housing which sit nearest to the canal. Facing the canal are live/work units, creating a lively ‘high street’ for both residents and visitors to the area. Standard houses form the rest of the courtyard clusters, with a deck at first floor level which spans between the clusters to create a shared outdoor space, with parking amenities beneath. This re-thinking of the traditional back garden encourages socialising between neighbours and provides safer spaces for children to play. All housing units have a terrace, meaning residents have access to both semi-private and private outdoor spaces. Houses are constructed sustainably using CLT panels. The courtyard arrangement and use of the first floor deck allow for bigger and better green spaces to be formed in the rest of the masterplan, again for the benefit of both residents and visitors to Bootle. The site will therefore remain a green pocket in the urban landscape despite being developed as most existing trees are kept, with several new ones planted to enhance it.