Haomiao Zhai

Frame of reference

Three frames are set up on the site based on the boundaries of early buildings.  These frames divide the site into five areas, which are film pavilion, film plaza, reception, main-functional area and external film studio. A straight street connects these zones and provides a film-related journey for visitors. In the first zone, pedestrians are attracted by the LED Billiards, which shows short clips of the film presented in the back cinema. Once they get into the film plaza, they are immersed in the exhibition of students work. In the reception, visitors can have a glimpse of what happened next. Then, they come to the vast central atrium, which has high flexibility. Finally, they reach the external film studio. The brick arches and the scenery from the canal enrich the context for this shooting area.

Artistically, the Moholy-Nagy’s painting and theory are applied to the organization of the project.  The simple geometries overlay with each other and are defined with various functions. From the top view, classrooms and offices form rectangles. The film studio creates a circle. The three frames are seen as three lines cut between these geometries. Also, the central street acts as the lines connecting all of them.

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