Holly Heathcote


The brief for the project was to design a film school located next to the Stanley Dock in Liverpool. The site, running adjacent to the Leeds Liverpool canal, was surrounded by warehouses and buildings of historical significance, such as the Titanic Hotel and Tobacco Warehouse. As a result, it was important that my design incorporated features which, reflected its context, as well as responding to the demands of the brief and urban environment. The design was derived from the concept of a central plaza, which was to act as a social hub to serve staff, students and the public. Arranged in a campus typology, the different buildings are connected by film streets inspired by the Tobacco Warehouse. Taking inspiration from Alison and Peter Smithson’s Economist building, in order to direct people to the central plaza, each building has different chamfers and colonnades to guide views outwards. Also, the concept of a car free pedestrian space was something I wanted to explore, as the site is exposed to noise from surrounding traffic and industrial spaces. In order to create a connection between the building and location, corrugated timber was used as a sustainable alternative to aluminium, found more wildly around the site. Also, the use of red brick in the landscaping provided a direct connection to the Stanley Dock and Tobacco Warehouse, which can be seen from the Plaza.

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