Ines Thomas

Film Village

Film Village is a film school based in Vauxhall, the northern docks of Liverpool. The area is rich in industrial architecture, containing several different typologies such as red brick warehouses with barrel vault roof profiles, and corrugated steel factories with saw-tooth roof profiles.

In the next couple of decades this area will undergo major reconstruction as part of the Liverpool Waters Development Scheme, wiping out the majority of the existing factories and warehouses. The driving idea for the Film Village was to recycle and reuse the building material from the area, constructing a series of buildings referencing the industrial typology with a village-type layout to create a spatially diverse film school with clear separation of zones and their respective functions.

The colour-coding of the functions was a simple yet effective technique I used from the beginning of the design process in order to help arrange the functions on site according to the accommodation schedule. Isolating the functions from each other lead to the massing models adopting a diagrammatical, colour-block feel which helped to clearly explain where the functions were located on site. Pink represented the education category (classrooms, lecture theatre, cinema), blue represented technical (film studio, workshop, green room etc.), yellow represented administration and orange represented social.

Because this colour-block method was so well understood, I decided to carry it through to the finished design. For example, the technical zone is clad in corrugated steel but coloured bright blue, and the brickwork lining the administration block is painted yellow.

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