Jessica Norman

This project is for a film school in Liverpool, more specifically by the Stanley docks. This area has a rich history and many of the surrounding buildings are listed. However the area is also run down and It lacks good quality public space and green space. My aim in this project was to respect the historical value, by creating viewpoints to the tobacco warehouse. Using materials that are familiar to the area such as red brick and corrugated metal. While also creating lots of pleasant, useable green space, this is where the ‘Rug’ comes in, I have elevated the landscape creating a roof deck which is fully planted, The greenery softens the harsh industrial textures. The building is split into four main blocks, each block is specific to its function and is represented visually accordingly, making the building easy to use. Underneath lies the main circulation and social space. Some blocks don’t fully reach the floor and these dropped ceilings help to create zones inside this vast space along with varying floor textures. The blocks are placed in order to create the best views towards the canal, with views to the docks from the office tower. They are also centred around the courtyard space and the ‘Orb’ lecture theatre, This is the heart of the building and when stood on the roof it gives a feeling of being in a sculpture park. I have tried to create calm, natural feeling spaces for the students to relax/ study in when they are out of class.

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