Jessica Tillman

The project is located in Bootle and aims to respond to the lack of available green space and high rates of depression and loneliness amongst young people and the elderly. The masterplan consists of a range of affordable dwelling types such as townhouses, apartments,
extra care facility and a co-living facility. All dwellings will have access to their own private green space alongside the communal. Interaction spaces and private spaces addressed through defensible and public space. Giving members of the public a role within the community in areas such as the communal garden increases interaction and involvement amongst the residents creating a stronger sense of community. Along the canal front there are studios and office space, introducing and encouraging the support for the local arts community and small business’ in Bootle; locally produced ceramics and sculptures are to be positioned at key nodes within the residential community. The integration of different generations (under 25s and over 60s) within the co-living facility was inspired by Pattern 26 The human life cycle, from A Pattern Language. The aim is to create a greater sense of community and belonging amongst the residents, providing a mixture of private and
communal spaces is provided to encourage interaction between generations as a way of decreasing loneliness within these age groups.