Jia Hao Yang

A New Beginning

For this project we were tasked to design a masterplan for a site along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal in Bootle, keeping to the requirements set by our Live clients – SAFE Regeneration, focusing on a detailed and technical design of a proposed community led housing and the connected public and private spaces. After designing the masterplan, we were tasked to focus on one specific building typology within the masterplan we designed. The choices we were given were between apartments, houses or extra-care apartments, along with their surrounding and associated spaces. My area of focus was the extra-care apartments, aiming to provide spacious and inviting living quarters for the elderly, giving them their own space whilst providing a connection to the green landscape surrounding the extra-care units. The ideas forming and driving my project forward was; to provide generous views into green space through the use of balconies and private gardens, ensure the apartment blocks are easily navigated as to make it easier for the elderly, give the occupants a choice depending on their needs such as live-in nurses or a catered food service, provide a connection to the rest of the masterplan through the use of green and social spaces that form areas of interaction for the community.