Lucy Hughes

Stanley Film School

The Stanley Film School is situated in an industrial and maritime setting next to the Stanley Dock 1.5 miles north of Liverpool City Centre. The aim of the scheme is to bring public amenities, education and green space to the area.

A central circulation spine runs along the north side of the building providing access to each of the ‘fingers’ as well as the unique gardens that are created in the building’s negative space. Each garden has a different ‘personality’ and plays an integral role in the scheme – pleasant outdoor space for relaxation, helps with mental wellbeing of the students and staff, and enjoyment for nearby residents, as well as bringing biodiversity to the area. The timber structure provides a lightweight feel to the building as well as being a good material for sustainability and allowing the function of the building to change over time as walls can be more easily removed.

The pitched roof and limited height of the school (8.5 metres), ensures it fits into the area and doesn’t impede upon the residential and industrial setting.  From the street, the façade doesn’t allude to the bright, welcoming and green school that sits behind it, making it a pleasant surprise for visitors.

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