Maisy Holland

St Mary’s Yard

St Mary’s Yard is a redevelopment project of the previous site to Safe Regeneration which neighbours the Leeds Liverpool canal. The redevelopment masterplan is comprised of affordable houses and apartments for the growing community, along with many spaces for community projects, businesses, and a new Safe Regeneration Hub. The project aims to add to the current values of Safe and extend their ability to help the local community by turning a currently underutilised
site into a loved and thriving community. The project allows spaces for the unique creatives that were housed in the St Mary’s School to thrive in their own studios allowing them to grow to their full potential. The main design drivers for this development are to enhance the already loved site and community values, while encouraging sustainable living in both personally and environmentally. The assisted living block is to be the heart of the development, housing clients which need small amounts of help and encouragement to live independently. These flats cater for their needs and help to build confidence. The Yard is a community space with creative studios facing towards it, with vibrant trees and open space for activities as well as a community allotment. These spaces aim to encourage interaction between residents and visitors. Overall, St Mary’s Yard aims to contribute to Bootle’s community values while welcoming new residents and visitors to the area.