Maximilian Mika

This scheme was targeted towards the idea of learning by doing. The building allows the students the space and facilities to actively create and produce their own film projects. The space could also host larger film production companies allowing the students to network and learn from real life professionals within the industry. The structure itself takes influence from the Pompidou centre by freeing up the ground floor allowing it to be easily adaptable to any situation required as well as the ability for the structure to be further extended out in the future. The program is then split between film production below the main space frame and schooling above which is covered by a light cable net roof. I took advantage of the natural incline of the lecture theatre and cinema to create a large staircase that brings you up through the building transitioning you between schooling and production. Similar to the Barbican Theatre you enter these spaces from the side. I designed large sound insulating doors that when open allows people the casually use the theatres, however when needed the door will close dramatically in unison. This motion of the doors inspired me to play around with the film motif of a clapperboard which is expressed on the south facing fa├žade.

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