Njelita Lota

The Pitcher House Film School

The Pitcher House film school follows the concept of three plinths connected by a “bridge” on the first floor. Each ground floor block has its own distinct function: exhibition, making and social, with the first floor bridge acting as the academic & administrative connection of the school. The arrangement of the blocks is dictated by the defining characteristics of the four site boundaries. The north and east sides are defensive, where the workshops and railway are, and the west side is more open to the main road and entrance. The south side features the canal, which is the most open of all, as all the blocks make an effort to look towards and connect to it. Users of the building will both step up to the bridge and step down to the canal. The form of the ground floor blocks is determined by their function, whereas the first floor features a pitched roof, connecting the school to its industrial neighbours. This familiarity of form is further shown in the bridge itself, which echoes the quality of the railway.

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