Olga Kozicka

The building represents the exploration of light, materials and circulation. The cinematic expression of film noir has been an important reference in the design and finds expression in the sense of drama and the atmosphere. This film school creates a sequence of contrasting spaces that are read as a montage of screen shots from a film reel. The building is accessed via the underground ramps which lead to the underground courtyard. It is a key space which connects all five buildings of the film school. The light coming from the buildings and the corridors through polycarbonate panels create a sense of departure from the world outside. Inspired by the Junichiro Tanizaki’s words “Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides”, the courtyard becomes a theatre stage and the students and staff are part of the visual performance of a play of the shadows.

The film school responds to its surroundings by a linear arrangement of buildings and the use of specific materials, including polycarbonate panels and corrugated steel cladding. The school includes five buildings arranged according to their functions and incidence of daylight. Academic space, social space and administrative space are located on the south of the site to maximise daylight inside, as well as open to the canal waterfront to provide a view of nature. The palette is white throughout to make these spaces bright and airy. In contrast, technical space is dark. This addresses the need for minimal reflectance of light and sound in the film studio and sound studios.

From outside the linear path guides building users to the entrances of the film school and next, to the social areas located by the viaduct. The space under the viaduct is used for galleries and workshops.

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