Stanley Smith

On SAFE Ground

On SAFE Ground is a development for SAFE regeneration located on a stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. SAFE’s work has been influential in improving the lives of many Bootle residents and over the years has created a strong community. This masterplan will look to provide further opportunities for the SAFE community to grow and develop by integrating a series of public spaces, houses, extra care facilities, apartments, community dining and utilities and a SAFE hub.

The area of focus on the masterplan is based around a set of terraced houses and the public spaces behind.

The terraced houses are designed to be integrated into the public garden and public square, they aim to blur the threshold between the public and private realm without imposing on the personal nature of a home. Arranged along a pedestrianised street, the terrace blends into the surrounding area by continuing the line of terraces bordering the site. Extending into the street, the houses form a covered, secluded, space to take cars off the street and give space back to the people of Bootle. To encourage neighbour interaction and community involvement, garden and terrace spaces face on to each other, whilst low level walls and raised gardens provide a link to the public spaces they border.