Tobi Ajanaku

Creative Retrofit

In today’s climate it makes it is very important for architects to seriously consider sustainable ways of dealing with making buildings. This concept is pivotal in my design, I have decided to retrofit an existing building on the site to essentially breathe new life into the area whilst maintaining the areas heritage and history. The inner buildings (Creative Workspace) within the warehouse are scattered in a random format to provide an alternative form than the suggested linear form of the existing structure. I also played with the contrast by using material that can be found in the area. I reused graffiti walls to clad certain areas. The idea of reusing majority of the site is the main aim here. All the buildings in this creative workspace are transparent and allow for a community to develop. The different tooms in the space lead up to the external Film Studio in order to visually replicate the process of filmmaking. The site is by an old industrial area that shares a huge amount of Liverpool’s heritage, beside the site is a canal that provides a soft breakaway from the surrounding buildings and allows for connections to public areas. The outside section of the project shows the added parts to the existing area, by cladding these spaces with corrugated iron and a perforated mesh rainscreen I am able to create a modern façade whilst still being able to draw on similar materials from the surrounding.

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