Victoria Robertson

See You Tomorrow

SEE YOU TOMORROW – is a scheme that aims to solve the loneliness and depression amongst elderly people living alone in the area of Bootle. By providing an accommodation typology which enables independence to be maintained, while providing communal living areas, a new style of Co-Living is created. A linear communal corridor provides a navigable layout in which the 1B 2P disability friendly apartments, and communal spaces lead off. The ritual of eating with family and friends, and how it creates opportunity for conversation and care to help build a community feeling. Other communal features per floor include shared balcony space, lounge area, laundry room. Shared facilities make the scheme more economical and energy efficient. There is also a roof top garden accessible to the residents with allotments and a rooftop cinema, and a communal courtyard garden at the heart of the project which is accessible to the public which creates a link the Leeds-Liverpool canal. There are two wings to the building, one for residents who wish to maintain their independence, and one for residents who need caring for. In the extra care wing, nursing and physiotherapy services are offered for the whole scheme, allowing residents to be looked after.