William Barker

Located in the north of Liverpool, the area of Bootle has undergone dramatic changes since its creation as a dormitory town for rich merchants. During the 20th century it was obliterated; first by the German bombs during WW2, and then by globalisation. As a result, incomes, education, and opportunity levels are low.

The area is crying out for a public led impetus. By giving people the power to construct and build themselves, it builds skills, relationships, and confidence.

The masterplan is an extension of the structural strategy combined with room for personal expression to develop it further. Using the Segal Method of construction, it can be scaled up in the case of the taller apartment towers, as well as being able to be scaled down for the bungalow extra care units.

The system is amazingly simple in principle, but it is this simplicity that makes it so powerful. Anyone can understand it, critique it, and change it.

It allows for freedom.

In this moment people cannot control a lot of their lives. Exercising freedom over their body and their immediate surroundings is a response to this lack of freedom. In its most simple sense, this Terrace is designed to accommodate the feelings of wanting to reorganise your bedroom. Just on a larger scale with a different set of tools.