Zhuoling Cai


My project is design a group of canalside apartments for young family and workers who will living in our site.

As our site is located beside the historical canal of Bootle, as well as our analysis of the site, I have thought about one word and one sentence about the river. The one word is “Ahtohallan”, which is the name of a historical river with full of memories in the movie [FrozenⅡ]. And the one sentence is “be water, my friend”, which means that when we face all challenges, we should face them in different forms(ways) like water, but in essence, water is still water. So for my design concept, I wanna create a community that can accommodate more different groups of people, provide a friendly communication environment for residents, as well as keep most of the memories of the site(like trees, canal viewing).

For the whole site, I put public gardens in each residential areas, and as possible as put roof gardens in high-theory buildings. Additionally, there’s two public green areas and one community centre for all the residents are set in the connection of 3 residential areas.

For the design of canalside apartments, I set up ground floor as community space to promote residents have more communication. And I arranged the canal apartments in a staggered way so that most of the residents could enjoy the view of the canal.