Adam Clarence

Golden Lane

Expanding on the principles of its context, my approach with the Golden Lane expansion was to take elements of the iconic estate, and revolutionise them, bringing them to a new modern standard. I began by extracting my own principles of luxury from the estate, wanting these to influence my ideas in my approach, with ideas of sport, open living and community the driving force behind my project. 

With the dwellings, the idea was to create three unique ways of living, eliminating partition walls, replacing them with different plinth levels, thus allowing for an open planed living. Privacy added to areas by defining spaces through different levels, allowing for flexible functionality throughout the day reflecting the contrast between day and night life.

Two of these new dwellings would be within pre-existing infrastructure of the estate, thus requiring less construction and demolition, allowing to challenge myself by working within a restricted area. One dwelling would be positioned underneath the Cullum Welch building, where I would use the pre-existing infrastructure to aid my zoning regions, and the other dwelling positioned in what is currently the gym of the estate, which would mean I had to reposition the gym beneath Crescent house. 

A small level of demolition would be required to the site as I wanted to respect the estate. Each dwelling would be characterised by having a unique functioning courtyard. A new communal gardening courtyard was added, with communal greenhouses resembling the big circular air hole, which would have been demolished in destruction, accompanied by allotment spaces for all to share or have individually. 

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