Dingkun Song

This project is aiming to achieve livable city by designing an affordable canal side community using a derelict land which belongs to SAFE Regeneration in Bootle. And this community will contain several townhouses, apartments, extra-care apartments and safe hub. Among them, safe hub has already been designed as a temporary and demountable structure for canal use. While the rest parts of project are for residential use. Townhouses is planned for the families in Bootle which cannot afford normally detached house. As for apartments, they are designed in three different type layouts for different groups people. Furthermore, the extra-core apartments are designed for elderly and the staff who will take care of elderlies, and there will be some specific facilities for them. For now, the pictures will show a one set of buildings, which is canal side apartment, in the project into detailed design which focusing on materials, spaces and users and internal and external context.

The canal side apartments are designed as L-shape and I-shape with timber cladding as fa├žade. The ground floors of three buildings along the canal all have some public services, such as coffee, restaurant, and book bars. The upper floors are blocked flats for resident like steppes to create canal view for every flats. Steel framework is adopted as the main structure of this project, and timber cladding is installed on the surface. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel plate or section steel is used to replace reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic resistance.

Ground Floor Plan
Section 1
Section 2
Canal Side

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