Isaam Rahman

A Portal Through Electric Mountain

The brief was to create a mountain top hostel for explorers to the beautiful historic landmark of the slate barracks of Anglesey. The intervention had to consider the old ruins as well as take advantage of the beautiful site. My proposal is to protect the barracks with a timber portal frame to create a node, this structure would be glass infilled to create a light and airy enclosed street. This would become the winter garden with trees lining the street. The use of plantation will blur the boundary of inside and out for the portal frame, allowing the clear threshold that the barracks provide, to be maintained. All other aspects of the scheme will be pre-fabricated and transported to the rural site via helicopter and dropped on site. The plan is defined by clear hierarchy determined by thresholds and takes advantage of the views while fitting into the restrictions of the site with minimal disturbance to the environment. Exposed materials are strictly limited to timber and slate, both characterised by the site.

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