Zach Berger

The Heart

The aim is to design a building that questions our role in society, People would much rather engage in a virtual world than a real one, just going about our daily lives we live in a bubble, seemingly unaffected by global politics and the chaos of a rapidly changing climate. Liverpool as a city is often associated with defiance and non-conformity and spoken about in a way that sets it apart from the usual narrative of British political history for example the YTS strikes & The Miner Strikes of the 1980’s.

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An early concept model

The pavilion is a way to celebrate Liverpool’s defiant culture and the people that make it the city it is by providing a platform for the public to exchange opinions and ideas.

A section through the old car park revealing the creative energy of ‘the Heart.’

The central bowl that hangs from the roof provides an elevated stage for the public to use and the walls of the pavilion facilitate and project the sound to a larger audience.

By turning the pavilion into a node in upper central there are hopes of
reducing crime and rejuvenating the area within and around the site by
connecting central Liverpool, The University and Lime Street Station via the many lost streets spread across upper central.

The dish like auditorium at the centre lies suspended within the old volume.