Bao, Yuyuan

It could be seen that the site is surrounded by a number of representationve buildings of Liverpool. However, this kind of harmonious connection has been ignored by people. The car park is just like a prison which cuts the relationship between the site and Liverpool. Even when people enter the car park they could just see the view as a prison.

The Foundation grows from the materials of the old carpark.

The manifesto of the design is intended to make visitors feel and think about their history, to create an environment where people can witness the ‘true’ face of Liverpool, including its darkness, its glories and its future.

Levels and planes were drawn from the carpark typology and reconsidered as public realm

Stop sloganeering. Remember the history of slavery in Liverpool. We human beings must remember. Remember why we became human beings and what we have done as human beings.

A design that speaks of permanent remembrance