Chen, Danhua

There is nothing more free than a blank canvas. All great artworks are born of a blank canvas, no matter it is digital or physical. Empty space itself brings countless possibilities. Both artists and people who do no learn drawing will find their own world on blank canvas.

The site is at an important physical, social and typological boundary.

The Biennial provides great opportunities for people to learn more about temporary art and participate in it. In another word, passion for creation and communication is always a theme of Liverpool Biennial.

the boundary conditions define the logic of the site arrangements.

In this project I try to design not only a building but also a place for creation by providing as much outdoor spaces as possible. It is a luxury to have square and wide steps to sit on in the city centre. When people take breath here after a long day of work, I hope they will find a little spark of creation on this blank canvas.

Biennial Foundation starts to take shape