We are forever looking for normalcy, for a being to tell us what to do and that everything is going to be okay, as a species we have evolved to form a group mentality.

We areprescribed at birth a citizenship, we are prescribed a certain amount of a certain type of education. We are prescribed a minimum wage, a choice between a few political candidates, a choice of houses, a choice of job, and so on and so on. And the one thing that permeates this entire line of thought, the one thing that truly shines through our ability to choose, is that we have no choice. We have options yes, but do we truly have a choice? Having a true choice would lead to chaos, millions of people making individual decisions that our ‘big brother’ couldn’t possible follow, or manage.

All of our options are prescribed to us. All of them. Knowing this I can’t help but wonder, if there was a societal reset button, a social genocide, what would become of us? Would we slip into anarchy, would we eventually end up as we are now, how would this impact our health, would we even survive? Human instinct drives us to follow, to colour between the lines, as it was key to our survival from the dawn of humanity circa. 200,000 years ago. Due to this, the majority of us have a deep, unsettling fear of chaos.

But, within all of us there is a chaos, an animalistic nature that despises rules and longs to be free, but it is just that, within us. What we see on the outside is covered in layers of inhibition, and of conformity.

We need to step back from our prescribed lives, we need to unfollow the masses. I will proscribe rules by prescribing a singular rule, that rules are meant to be broken.