Feng, Leilin

Industry turned the city into a reinforced concrete forest. People are busy rushing in this forest, and there is no need to stop. The forest is massive and home is small. But when the definition is beyond the scale, the forest turned into a huge house. It should have the warmth of home, and it ought to have reasons to slow down citizens.

Liverpool Biennial could become part of the city pattern as it has such a strong connection to the cultures and history of the city. The mission through all the biennial’s activities is ‘engaging art, people and place’. Taking over unexpected and public spaces, historic sites and art galleries, the Biennial has been transforming the city through art for over two decades. (https://www.biennialfoundation.org/biennials/ liverpool-biennial/) It is such a huge platform for artists to create, and a great chance for education.

The foundation of Liverpool Biennial should not just a gallery, but a community. It ought to become a place for people to spend their spare time, for artiest to create imaginations, for scholars to study the new cultures… The foundation is not a building. It is a plaza, is a garden. It is a place where people can gather together.

The manifesto is “Order and Form, Void and Solid.” Before design, order can be anything. With design, order is performed in a kind of form. The project uses solid and transparent elements to create different spaces, from void to soild. I want to give the void more definations, as it can be the space bounded by the wall, it can also be the movement, the connections between place to place, and the connection between physical and mental aspects.