Yubang Wu

Lives in a Co-op

BA3 Studio, Fall 2019

Instructors: Johanna Muszbek, Pietro Pezzani, Dave King


Site: Golden Lane Estate, London

Floor Area: 4,000 sqm

Since the era it was built, the Golden Lane Estate envisioned a utopia lifestyle that residents should spend their whole life living in one estate. This was achieved by a wide range of unit types which suit different stages of life. Residents were expected to move to bigger units in the estates when they get married or having more children. However, this imagination did not work out in the end.

This project re-imagines this possibility of housing and tries to realize it by pushing the boundary of sharing and flexibility to a further extent. It deconstructs essential housing contents and reconfigures them in section to break the autonomy of isolated housing “islands”. By doing this, it allows flexible configuration of interior to accommodate residents in different stages of life and different ways of living.

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