Practice North

Practice North

Practice North based both projects this year in urban locations: a Co-housing project in the Georgian Quarter (Semester 1) –adjacent to our University campus- and a Film School in the post-industrial landscape of north docklands (Semester 2). These projects aimed to explore the rich context of the city by introducing contemporary ways of living and working.

The Co-living brief explored an emerging housing trend for collective living and shared amenities and the inevitable implications for private space and, even, personal possessions. It required high density development of the site in order to reflect the approach of modern developers and to excite challenging responses. This was also a corner site surrounded, in large part, by traditional brick terraces. Each design had to advantageously negotiate the corner condition and, on another level, address issues of building materiality in a world where brick is no longer a safe choice.

The Film School brief involved a range of differently sized spaces from film studio spaces, workshops, cinemas, classrooms and offices. The site was much larger than in the previous project, contained derelict sheds at the front –suitable for adaptive reuse- and was located alongside a designated creative district in city docklands. The project started with a bus trip to a film school and studios at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk in order to explain the process of film making. There were also master class sessions in landscape design delivered by an eminent local practitioner. Richard Dod


Tobi Ajanaku
Alex Benjamin
Jingyuan Chen
Anran Cheng
Elliot Edmed
Jiaqi Fan
Matt Gilham
Hannah Goodrich
David Grant
Holly Heathcote
Lucy Hughes
Ellie Kelly
Xinyi Kong
Olga Kozicka
Chongzhou Li
Yuanxin Li
Alice Lilley
Xuerong Lu
Charlotte Lyness
Zheng Lyu
Maximilian Mika
Lota Adina Njelita

Jess Norman
Chloe Roberts
Fadime Sanli
Matty Stitch
Chenlu Sun
Maxine Tai
Inès Thomas
Haiyi Wang
Lewis Washington
Oliver Williamson
Jonni Woo
Wenze Xie
Xinyi Xu
Yue Yang
Wenjing You
Haomiao Zhai
Min Zhang
Xinran Zhang
Yunfan Zhang
Tianfeng Zhu
Yuanjie Zou

Studio Staff

Richard Dod (Lead)
James Crawford
Alex Turner
Dan Wiltshire