Alexe Cristina-Raluca


The project started from the idea of urban islands – an archipelago of disconnected areas of the city which were underused, derelict or overgrown. The thesis focuses on developing one of these urban islands, namely the industrial port area. The port island benefits from a liminal condition, sheltering the city to the west and facing the Black sea to the east. The decision to intervene on this site is based on what the city needs in order to become a better place to live in and visit and how it faces the rest of the world on a global playing field. The result of the analysis is the creation of a poetry festival – an event to attract an international audience outside of the busy summer season. Poetry is embedded into history of the city of Constanta. The poet Ovid’s exile to the city gives it a new lease of life in the present moment, by introducing a poetry foundation dedicated to him and a design inspired by his work. The poetry foundation supports the poetry festival in April and holds events all year round. As an institution, it also engages with other venues across the city to maximise the use of local resources.

Metamorphosis, the Poetry Foundation

The final proposal combines poetry and functionality in an unapologetical design which utilises local craft and materials to embed it into the site, while metaphysical considerations link it to other international cultural spaces such as Athens and Rome, resulting in a fresh approach to Romanian architecture for the present moment, a catalyst and sign of things to come.

The Constanta Poetry Foundation - approach towards main entrance
The Constanta Poetry Foundation – approach towards main entrance
The Poetry Foundation
The Poetry Foundation
Aerial view of the proposal
Aerial view of the proposal
Detailed Section
Detailed Section



Thesis Tutors

Mr Ronny Ford

Thesis VP

Prof. Hans Van der Heijden

Thesis Critics

Rachel Stevenson
Peter Farral
Dr Torsten Schmiedeknecht
Dr Yat Shun Kei

Special Mentions

Thanks to my family and my partner for supporting me through my Masters degree.