We always start small in first year: this year we started even smaller – constructing orthographic drawings of a pepper and representing a moveable hand-held household object. The students were then asked to establish a position (or manifesto) and design an exhibition stand that expressed it. By the end of Semester 1, the students had designed their first building, to celebrate a Liverpool Life, at the St James cemetery by the Anglican Cathedral. In Semester 2 we looked at an urban site, close to the university, for a 2-phase project of café and community engagement centre, with an emphasis on low energy.

We were fortunate to able to meet once a week in the Studios (which were tidy!) and worked together on activities to develop foundational architectural skills to complement the design projects running alongside. We all enjoyed the opportunity to see people during face-to-face teaching. We did discover people look very different sat at a desk behind a screen to real life and masked, with some mistakes in identity.

Face to face teaching

BA1 students, you have been wonderful and have made this year a real joy. Many of you have lived and worked in the same small room and most of the time, kept smiling. Your progress has been fantastic, you’ve done so well through very difficult personal circumstances and a constantly changing timetable. You have had to settle, isolate, relocate, and return regularly throughout the year. We have been impressed by your resilience, good attitude and hard work. We’re very proud of you – keep exploring, testing, thinking, experimenting and making models out of found materials! Enjoy 2nd year, we wish you well.

We’ve not met you all face-to-face yet, as some students (and colleagues) have been online for the whole year. We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool in September. Bring your favourite mug!

The BA1 team.

Isolation Fridge: Trudy Ann Smith


Elaf Abdalrahman
Arthur Acquitter
Toni Adegboye
Paul Adejo
Alaa Al Shamahi
Ibrahim Albusaidi
Alina Angelova
Alice Antoszkiewicz
Luke Austin
Amreet Bahia
Kieran Bartlett
Hope Bolton
Lucy Bone-Knell
Alicja Boroniec
Silan Bozkurt
Rowan Bradbury
Ioana Branzuca
William Brooks
Katie Bryson
Nicole Bullworthy
Jasmine Bungay
Tom Burgess
Harry Calloway
Zoe Carr
Emilia Carter
Jules Castaing
Aman Chahal
Clara Chambers
Angel Chase
Evan Cheng
Adaeze Chukwurah
Will Clayson
Evie Cline
William Coburn
Katie Cooper
Gabrielle Dainty
Pedro Dala
Robyn Davies
Mubarak Dawodu
Leo Dearden
Sarah Dinsmore
Sara Dizayee
Niya Djingova
Victoria Dos Santos Feijoo
Eleanor Drever-Marshall
Sam Duncan
William Edwards
Gift Eke-Awulonu
Georgia Elliott

Josh Foulkes
Pippa Frazer
Josh Goolden
Catriona Gorton
Lucy Graham
India Greenwood
Patryk Grzybowski
Angus Harrow
Luke Hay
Emma Heeks
Cal Hewitt
Melanie Y. Ho
Penny Hughes
Swyn Hughes
Chelsea Humado
Gemma Humphray
Nathaniel Iglesias
Hakan Ismailpoor
Mahanoor Javaid
William Jude
Akram Kablan
Edward Kamal
Yaxuan Ke
Ieuan Kearney
Honor Knight
Marina Lambrianidou
Oliver Langdown
Phoebe Leech
Mingrui Li
Seb Lloyd – Thomas
Miashea Lopes
Dylan Luck
Laura Madden
Yasmin Magan
Tima Malikov
Thomas Matthews
Dan Maughan
William Maxwell
Rhi Mayfield
Antoinette Mckernan
Rosina McLean
Hannah McNamara
Millie Mo
Dariga Moldakhmetova
Louise Mongan
Liv Neagus
Alex Neal
Daniela Nunes

Jacob Nuttall
Sydney Odhiambo
Meg Pinfield
Sofia Ponton
Andreea Popovici
Ethan Power
Bethany Preece
Adrianna Radlowska
Saniyah Rasul
Dimitrius Richardson
Matthew Richardson
Samuel Roach
Oliver J. Roberts
Jennifer Scott
Dominic Secker
Yaashmiya Selveswaran
Monika Servute
Trudy Smith
Abbie Spencer
Zuzie Squires
Martina Stefanova
Louis Swift
Anastazja Szczeplek
Julia Szegho
Erin Taaffe
Jason Tai
Lucy Tarry
Win Thananitayaudom
Niamh Togher
Theo Townsend
Mia Uddin
Eleanor Ventress-Burke
Jacob Vestergaard
Kira Wait
Yirong Wang
Caitlin Watson
Ella West
Joe Westley
Ronan Wilkinson
Beth Williams
Lauren Williams
Ching Bosco Wong
Qianli Xing
Mai Xiong
Joshua Yan
Khant Yan
Georgia Young
Nicola Yu
Sireen Zafar

Year Lead

Lucretia Ray (lead)

Studio Tutors

Paul Bower (deputy lead)
David Raynor
Jane Cadot
Jon Male
Dr Junjie Xi
Yisi (Lewis) Liu
Luke Bushnell-Wye
Marcus Schofield
Michael Baldwin
Monika Koeck
Dr Niall O’Hare
Roland Keogh
Suliman Alla

Guest Critics

Professor Nick Ray
Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay
Dr Aikaterini Antonopoulou
Dr Barnabas Calder
Dr Christina Malathouni
Dr Fei Chen
Dr Francesca Piazzoni
Dr Haniyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi
Dr Hanmei Chen
Dr Mary Shepperson
Dr Nick Webb
Dr Ranald Lawrence
Dr Stephanie Koerner
Dr Torsten Schmiedeknecht
Alex Dusterloh
Anna Gidman
Ben Devereau
Claudia Briguglio
Emma Curtin
Matina Vrettou
Richard Dod
Sandy Britton
Deng, Hao
David Grant
Khalid Bazughayfan
Magdi Khalil
Li, Zhouzhang
Wang, Min

And thank you to all the BA2, BA3, MArch4 and MArch5 students who helped at BA1 reviews

Special thanks

SotA technical team
Martin Winchester
Nicola Howorth