Due to the global pandemic we worked online this year which was difficult for all of us, but not without silver linings. We split the year into a series of shorter projects to maintain momentum beginning with an all year project designing elevations to fill gaps within the city. A film project followed, with many beautifully reflecting the absence of people within the city and architectural experience of living in isolation. Students then moved into studios for three projects. First was a small scale off grid building set in natural landscape with a focus on low energy. The second set in an urban context and the third focussed on heritage and reuse of existing buildings. The addition of a renovation project reflects the change in how we view our existing building stock and the role architects must play to reduce energy use.

For the first time in the history of the school we were excited to invite women only architects as guests to our reviews! We were also delighted to welcome guest speakers, the highlight being about Fire by Mira Hammad. Mira is a barrister on the current Grenfell case and her talk was profoundly informative and deeply sobering.

There have been many different stories and experiences this year for all of us. Some have lost family and friends, taken care of the sick, relocated or isolated. It’s not been easy but we’ve done it. As usual we would like to thank our fantastic team of tutors. We would also like to thank our guests as well as students from senior years who joined us for online student led reviews. Most of all however, we would like to thank our students.

Students, silver linings were mentioned. You learned more than we imagined possible without attending the studio. Your digital skills improved due to working online, and the change seen in your involvement in reviews has been absolutely incredible. We are really proud of you and what you have achieved despite the situation. Keep making models out of recycled materials and make sure you running reviews in future! We wish you all the very best of luck in your final year.


Doaa Ahmed
Maria Anselmo da Rocha
Rhys Bennett
Xhesika Bicaku
Joseph Brierley
Monica Chen
Ye Chen
Nihaad Choudhury
Yue Dai
Donatas Dailyda
Duyowalumi Egwudale
Amna Farooq
Leontina Frunza
Katrina Fung
Rebecca Hart
Qifeng Hou
Daniel Jolaosho
Abigail Jones
Ajey Kesavaraj
Marco Lam
Amelia Maddocks
Natasha Mallin
Veronica Martinez
Renée Ojikutu
Thomas O’Loughlin
Josh Pemberton
Boyu Qu
Zivoin Ristic
Ben Rylance
Isabelle Saxon
Emma Smith
Elena Smith
Yiqun Tang
Emilia Taraszkiewiz
Charles Thadwald
Yenny Weng Mei
Alexander Wignall
Jingyi Wu
Qianshu Xu
Wenxi Zhang
Jingshu Zhang
Sophie Ahmed
Patrick Allan
Hamad Alnaqbi
Haowen Bo
Joseph Camlin
Tong Da
Joseph Dolden
Maksymilian Dresler
Samantha Evans
Charlie Fletcher
Mengfei Gao
Rebekah Garner
Tomek Gogol
Kai Green

Aaron Griffin-Keogh
Malak Ismail
Cadi Jones
Zak Kurtulus
Zonda Lau
Bettuel Mehdi
Rupert Morley
Mina Mufid
Henry Omotosho
Caio Owen
Joshua Richardson
Owen Riseley
Ciaran Robinson
Eleanor Robinson
Elizabeth Rose
Ben Scott
Niamh Sharratt
Yifan Su
Shiyu Wang
Grace Webb
Mezino Whiskey
Nianxue Xia
Zhaoyun Xing
Xueqi Xuan
Zhu Yilun
Zihan Zhang
Oluwabukunmi Awofisayo
Thomas Aykroyd
Charlotte Bailey
Charlotte Bebb
Finn Cain
Tsz Cheung
Angela Duka
Yuhao Fei
Maddy Gallant
Alice Garner
Weronika Gawlik
Aminah Graham
Ziqian Guo
Freya Harrison
Stephanie Hopkinson
Zoe Huang
Daniella Hudson
Gwil Humphreys
Kerry Husselbee
William Jackson
Lanhui Jiang
Piyush Kumar
Finlay Law
Yasi Li
Grace Limani
Yifan Liu
Emma Loughnane
Ruochen Lu
Bethany Mallard

Lyra McKinnon
Hannah Meheran
Alexander Murthy
Yusra Sorwar Akhter
Zuzanna Staniecka
Kaja Strzemiecka
Andrine Tan
Tianjun Tan
Ruize Tang
Same Thomas
Alexander Walker
Zhiyuan Wu
Jingbo Zhang
Karolina Adamiec
Amira Al-Najjar
Guyu Bao
Thomas Barlow-Kay
Sumaiyah Bashir
Carrie Boon
Lewis Bushell
Imogen Campbell
Torres Chin
Rylan Churchill-Jones
Francesca Coey
Sam Cole
Emily Dodd
Ryan Farrell
Dillon Fisher
Daisy Foster
Qianye Hu
Yanjie Huang
Sunil Kim
Daniel Lay
Fonda Lee
Johnathan Li
Xinping Liu
Sonja Losonci Johnson
Xiaohan Ma
Louis Marchini
Ethan Martin-Yates
Huw Morris-Jones
Harvey Munro
Minseok Park
Myah Phelan
Somviset Phoeuk
Zhiye Shen
Ben Sutherland
Bo Wang
Max Whamond
Charles White
Ihab Yassin
Zhiqing Zeng
Yuan Zhao

Studio 1

Dr Patrick Zamarian
Hanan Barakat
Phil Owen
Ben Prince

Studio 2

Dr Andrew Crompton
Peter Farrall
James Nicholls
Matthew Armitt

Studio 3

Anna Gidman
Michael Baldwin
Dr Niall O’Hare
Nick Wilde

Studio 4

Alex Dusterloh
James Crawford
Phil Owen
Marcus Schofield

Special guests

James Sibson FCBStudios
Mira Hammad Garden North Chambers

Special Thanks

Hanmei Chen
Ted Ruffell
Martin Winchester

Huge thanks to the BA3, MArch 4 and MArch5 students who attended our student led reviews.