This year BA3 studios based both their design projects around a single location or theme in order to encourage a rigorous exploration of place or topic. There were community-based projects – often involving local groups- and programmes which included the adaptive re-use of existing buildings. These projects, coupled with our guest lectures and supporting modules, have addressed the fabric of the city and a range of key issues within the profession and architectural education.

Members of the graduating class of 2021 have spent half of their time at university in various forms of lockdown -with limited or no access to the School despite our best endeavours- but have still successfully risen to the challenge of a demanding course. There may have been personal moments of despair or disappointment but, as a collective group, enthusiasm has remained undimmed and the pursuit of excellence -as evidenced here- has been relentless.

Many congratulations. You should be proud of your academic achievements and resourcefulness. We wish you well and hope to meet up soon in better times.

Richard Dod