Bangkok Sustainable Urban Development

Bentoon Boon-Itt, Ioana Bucuroiu, Tolulope Ogunjimi

Bangkok, Sustainable Urban Development

Focusing on the city of Bangkok, our thesis addresses the unsustainable urbanization of metropolis cities.

Bangkok Sustainable Urban Development
Bangkok Sustainable Urban Development

As a major economic hub that continues to grow rapidly, the city has become increasingly disconnected from nature, designating more of its land towards commerce and high density living at the expense of its green spaces. The result is numerous environmental challenges that are progressively worsening and an overly simplified approach to the zoning of the city, facilitating the marginalisation of Bangkok’s informal workers.

Whole industry complex
Bangkok Masterplan proposal and surrounding context.

Our proposal challenges the current development of the city, establishing an alternative model of urban park that questions the city’s zoning, its relationship with its waterways, and demonstrates how a balance between urbanisation and afforestation can be struck. The proposal looks to carefully transform a piece of disused industrial land situated within the heart of Bangkok and return it back to the city as a new form of urban park that integrates learning, work, and leisure with nature.

Canal view
Canal view

The proposal focuses on environmental and social sustainability, utilising existing warehouses on site and introduces sustainable ecological industries such as Sericulture and Swiftlet Bird’s Nest farming. Street typologies found within Bangkok have been reinterpreted within the warehouses to create spaces that are familiar and reflects how the city operates. The wider complex allows nature to reclaim the site, reintroducing a variety of land typologies such as forest, agricultural plots and wetlands that assist with mitigating the effects of flooding.

Whole industry complex
Birds Nest warehouse view

Thesis Tutors

Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

Thesis Critics

Neil Swanson
Ian Ritchie
Johanna Muszbek
Dr Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez

Special Mentions

We would like to thank Soumyen for his guidance and support throughout the thesis, the thesis critics for their feedback and the Liverpool University workshop team for the technical assistance.