Feng Wei

Heritage Related Design Studio

Our studio focuses on architectural interventions in the context of significant built heritage, whether building a dialogue between old and new as adjacent yet separate designs, creating a new extension attached to an existing building, considering a design solution within the footprint of the existing building itself, or a combination of these options. Working with existing buildings forms a significant proportion of an architect’s workload, therefore it is particularly important that students explore designs in these contexts as part of their education. Our ethos is to encourage creative and innovative design ideas whilst respecting and adding value to the existing historic built context.

This year we concentrated on one site for both semesters, working amongst the remains of St Luke’s Church in Liverpool which was bombed in World War Two. Retaining the same site helped us to deepen our knowledge across the year. We also had access to a detailed laser scan survey produced as part of a previous piece of research at the LSA. These decisions were particularly beneficial to those not physically based in Liverpool due to the pandemic.

Our studio scenario was to work with the Bombed Out Church Garden Bar, the current custodians of the site, to consider design ideas for a temporary ‘meanwhile’ design in semester one to increase site use and income, the function of which was decided by individual students. Semester two saw us switch to the design of a permanent Art Hub on the site, with a scenario that the meanwhile design would be in place until construction of the permanent design commenced.

We are very proud of the efforts of our students in this difficult and unique year. The work shown in this yearbook is a testament to their creativity, skill, and perseverance.


Yinzhe Cai
Jiaming Chang
Weining Chen
Emma Chrystie-Lowe
Beth Clarkson
Owen Cornes
Samuel Dale
Chaohao Deng
Yilin Deng
Tom Dutton
Beca Ellis
Zidong Fan
Diya Feng
Wei Feng
Feijie Gu
Yuqing Han
Israr Hashimi
Kate Haughton
Ryan Headley
Lauren Heatherington
Jhaerosa Hisarza
Emma Hobson-White
James Langlois

Guangyuan Li
Fangqing Lin
Danyang Lyu
George Mannix
Kittie Patrick
Isabel Piercy
Ellie Platt
Kellan Rakkar
Kris Ramos
Jasmine Salop
Mirta Silvestri
Ben Stephenson
Corey Teece-Millington
Bingyao Wang
Haiyi Wang
Tianyu Wang
Quancheng Wu
Yangan Xia
Cai Xiao
Yiyin Xu
Peilin Yang
Jiahui Zhang

Studio Staff

Dr Ataa Alsalloum (co-lead)
Dr Nick Webb
Stephen Graham
David Raynor

Special Thanks

Heather McGrath-Alcock Port Sunlight Village Trust
Dr Stuart Gee LSA
Anna Gidman LSA
John Hinchcliffe Hinchcliffe Heritage
Katie Jones Bombed Out Church Garden Bar
Prof Robert Kronenburg LSA
Dorian Proudfoot Donald Insall Associates
Dennis Rodwell Heritage Consultant
Ted Ruffell LSA

Guest Critics

Dearbhail Keating John Coward Architects
Rebecca Meadowcroft Purcell Architects
David Oldham Condy Lofthouse Architects
Peizheng Zhu Neri and Hu
Claudia Briguglio LSA
Prof Iain Jackson LSA
Lucretia Ray LSA