Jake Gittins

Winner of the Swedish Wood Student Architect Award

A Home from Home

Bootle is a town situated in the Borough of Sefton, Merseyside, that sits north of the city of Liverpool. As the site is positioned on the crossing of three transport links: canal, railway and road, it makes the site accessible from the city. There is a lack of green space and amenities in the area, therefore the proposal aims to address this issue.

The reality of a global shift in social demographics underlines a need to address the impact of an increasingly aging population. Until recently, typologies of long-term care homes have dominated much of the architectural discussion. These are often large-scale complexes. This design searches for alternatives to the norm, in an attempt to better methods to support the majority of elders who do not require high levels of care as well as those who need it.

Detail Elevation

This project places a mix of dwellings that offer independent living as well as extra-care. The design aims to ease the transition for residents moving from their homes to the idea of assisted living. This is achieved through defensible space that encourages public interaction and a sense of safety. The masterplan features extra care apartments that surround a natural courtyard, independent living housing which consist of private gardens that create an inward-facing community area, and a park reserved for public use.

Master Plan
Plan 1
Plan 2