Lance Macadangdang

Activating Infill Sites of Budapest

Budapest, especially the Pest side is primarily built up with residential areas formed by courtyard tenement blocks. This housing typology is known to be mostly unpleasant, especially in the 8th District of the city where an individual apartment struggles to accommodate every-day domestic facilities. The project is a response to the many empty plots of the urban fabric of Budapest and the lacking facilities of tenement homes. It lightly occupies a site by not entirely filling the empty plot. It adopts and embraces the light-wells of the vernacular courtyard typology of Budapest to provide natural light to spaces with no windows to the street or the courtyard, hence the U-shape form.

Site Axonometric
Site Axonometric

While it introduces new housing for new residents to the site, it offers access to shared facilities for the existing tenants of the block as these shared spaces supplement the lacking domestic functions of their tenement homes.

This could be a new method of building on infill sites around Budapest, as the intervention is not exclusive for new residents but also provides for the current tenants of the block.