Louise Mongan


My vision for design and construction pivots around three main principles; design, sustainability, and community, with an opportunity to make new transitional linkages between design and the environment.

The concept for this community development is ‘Human Bridges’ – the way in which humans bridge the gap within society i.e. human interactions to form the basis of a community. Human interaction is the social fabric of our communities as it informs not only daily operational tasks, but more physiological and emotional needs and as such is the platform or connection within our communities or the bridge from individualism to pluralism. 
Ground floor plan
Floor plans
As such, this title underpins the concept of phase-1 which was ‘Connections’, connecting two streets whereby the entrance intersects both roads, connects people, connects buildings (footbridge) and connects with the landscape – sliding floor-to-ceiling glazing creating flush internal/external thresholds and tree-like structures incorporating rainwater harvesting as humans have a natural affinity for nature.

This space is a multifunctional space uniting the old and the young, the worker and the student, the child and the parent. Similar to a community centre it offers multiple functionality ranging from phase one café to a walk through space & from a peaceful zen area where one can pause, take a breath watching the world go by to an educational space with workshops such as arts/crafts ,cookery & a library.
Structure links environmental strategy
Structure links environmental strategy