Section AA

Lyu Mengjie

Aquaponics and Human Living

The theme I chose is Nutrition. Through Sitopia Image, I want to express the idea that people need to cherish food, or that humans will be swallowed by the earth. I chose Electrical Engineering and Electronics Building Block A&B. The allocation of functional areas is mainly divided into the learning area of ​​blockA, the Aquaponics area of ​​blockB and the Hotel area. Students can sign up to participate in the Aquaponics factory, become staffs or volunteers, or consumers of this organic restaurant. In Block B, I want to design a small hotel, this place can also receive tourists.
Model 1:500

Regarding the idea of ​​transformation, I can find from my Site Analysis that the facade of EEE building is relatively simple. I hope he can be more detached and more attractive. Because it is located in a great intersection.

Therefore, the focus of the transformation is divided into three aspects:
1. The theme of Aquaponics: people can live in harmony with plants and animals in the same space.
2. Renovate the circulation part of the building, and put nearly half of the circulation outside the building.
3. Renovate the height of some areas to make the overall space feel more complicated, not too monotonous.