Lin Shen

MA in Architecture

The MA in Architecture is designed for graduates and architects in practice wishing to further specialise in architectural design, develop their design and technical skills or follow a design research/research path to a PhD. Students may choose from a range of academic, research-based topics in specific areas that reflect their experience and interests, such as architectural theory, virtual reality and environments, climatic design, environmental assessment, parametric modelling, digital fabrication, BIM, urban planning and sustainable design.

Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, our academic year started in January 2021 and will be completed in January 2022, which means that the current students will have the possibility to meet the new cohort which will start in September 2021. All semester 01 modules were delivered online, but we were able to return to face to face teaching in semester 2. This year’s PGT cohort consisted of 24 students from various countries such as China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkey and the UK