Toxteth Fun Palace Isometric

Practice North

This year Practice North focused attention on a neglected city block at the top of Princes Avenue in Toxteth. The sites for both our projects were adjacent to each other, easy to reach from the University at a time of travel restrictions and had the potential to form an integral part of an exciting architectural context with a rich embedded history. A central consideration of the project briefs throughout the year was to design buildings which related strongly to the context and acted as catalysts for the regeneration of the surrounding public realm. We were encouraged to think on an urban scale rather than solely in terms of designing a single building in isolation.

The Semester 1 project required live-work accommodation for a community of artists. The theme of ‘creating from home’ was particularly resonant for us during this time since we were becoming ever more familiar with designing from our student accommodation rather than studio. Co-living proved to be a stimulating area of study with a greater emphasis on shared existence and radical ways of live-work than conventional housing.

We started Semester 2 with workshops on structural timber and urban design place-making. These proved to be influential for many in their final designs and ended in great spirit with book prizes being awarded for various categories of achievement. Our project this Semester was to design a Youth Zone as a means of injecting activity into the area and exploring the typology of community buildings. The program was to provide education, leisure and activity spaces that would facilitate youth interaction and the development of life skills. This proved to be an enriching project which gave us a good understanding of how community architecture can shape ordinary lives.

Our studio was run by people who we never met in person. Even so we experienced regular contact, enriching talks and the exchange of ideas over the year which translated into an engaging learning experience. We will always remember this and hope to meet up one day soon.

Gregory Niedzwiecki


Ryan Atkins
Jingyi Cao
Jingyuan Chen
Sheng Chen
Yanhao Chen
Giovanni Cicogna
Holly Crone
Xinyue Cui
Jai Ghataore
Izzy Gould
Yuqian Gao
Michael Grabowski
Yue He
Myles Holmes
Ruwen Hu
Xiaoan Hu
Nadia Jenkins
Faye Lewis
Jialin Li
Jialin Liu
Jiawei Liu
Jessica Main

Ella Mulhall
Donia Mursi
Gregory Niedzwiecki
Lydia O’Neill
Hannah Payne
Sam Pierce
Harshini Rajagopal
Natasha Rodgers
Szymon Stefanski
Sam Stoneham
Ethan Urquhart
Tian Wang
Tian Wang
Yixuan Wang
Becky Ward
Yunxuan Xiao
En Yang
Jiayi Yang
Jingwen Yang
Yihui Zhao
Yuqi Zhou
Huanzhong Zhang

Studio Staff

Richard Dod UoL
Jane Moscardini UoL
Dan Wiltshire WMB Studio
Alex Turner Studio Mutt

Special Guests

Dave King ShedKM

Special Thanks

Mike Hutchison Momentum Engineering
Jaimie Ferguson
Optimised Environments
Ranald Lawrence UoL
Stuart Gee UoL
LSA Workshop Team UoL

Guest Critics

Lee Bennett Sheppard Robson
Pat Borer Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)
Graham Burn Studio Mutt
James Crawford Studio Mutt
Jasmin Eastwood Bridge Architects
Jo Edmunds ShedKM
Peter Farrall UoL
Beatrice Galilee The World Around
Lucretia Ray UoL
Riccardo Monte Riccardo Monte Design
Shankari Raj Nudge Group
Tom Jarman Urban Splash
Ben Leach AHMM
Christina Malathouni UoL
Torsten Schmiedeknecht UoL