Samuel Pierce

Youth Street

‘Youth Street focuses on creating opportunities for interaction and conversation in order to initiate and build a community within Toxteth. Introducing transparency, voids and connectivity as design generators helped to produce interesting spaces which incite communication with its users. Internally the building is split into 2 key areas, the Public block (Foyer, cafe and multi use hall) and the youth street (Youth Zone and first aid facilities), separating function permits the scheme to become a communal hub whilst safeguarding it’s younger occupants.

Youth Zone – Common room Atrium

The 3 key external nodes (Market plaza, Skatepark and sports field) wrap around the main public block allowing for ease of access to a plethora of active opportunities, whilst the rooftop sculpture garden provides some serenity away from the bustling youth street. The central core, holding the foyer atrium and Staircase, runs vertically through the public block and into the Toxteth skyline, becoming a beacon to the wider community.

Axonometric View
Interior View
Interior View
Interior View
Exterior View