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Students were to re-imagine our understanding of Safe Regeneration, its unique Bootle and canal side context and its existence and growth as a creative inclusive community both autonomously and as a connected entity contributing to economic regeneration and fragile future survival and growth. Each student developing a guiding manifesto.

Our two projects take place on Safe’s Bootle site nestled alongside the historic Leeds Liverpool canal. The site occupied by Safe Hub the former St Marys School, the Lock and Quay pub and a host of mature trees: site of Bootle Music Festival.

In semester one our focus centred on ‘housing the ritual activity of bathing’ first exploring ritual, material, context and transitions in this small project designed to feed into second semester’s wider but equally attentive community living ask.

In semester two the underpinning manifestos and spirit of the work of semester one were translated and developed into imagining extra care community housing, dwelling and public realm for a connected, protected and flexible creative community. Blue sky fragile futures agendas (social economic and environmental) underpinned the work with playfulness, experimentation and thoughtfulness. Guest speakers and workshops helped enhance specialist understanding.


Amer Balan
Sam Beckwith Flint
Milly Bracher
Tom Byers
Horatio Byrne
Yuhui Cao
Yiying Dai
Matthew Davies
Joe Dwine
Engur Mohan
Jake Gittins
Cara Grime
Ryder Gulli
Xin Hu
Sophie Kebell
Hanning Li
Sijia Li
Xingyu Lu
Meghan McIntosh
Xiangfei Meng

Diana Mihaila
Radoslaw, M.
Becky Oldroyd
Izzi Powell
Olivia Richards
Bonnie Russell
Alistair Search
Zhijian Shan
Yitian Tan
Yanfei Wang
Heather Woof
Ruilin Xie
Rundong Ying
Jiarun Yang
Hongyi Zeng
Enchang Zhang
Jingjing Zhang
Zheng Zhang
Junping Zhou

Studio Team

Sandy Britton (lead)
Sarah Green
Tony Lees
Pietro Pezzani
Giles Wheeldon

Guest Critics

Dave King shedkm
Luke Cooper Architectural Emporium
Simon Cadle Turner Works
Ardi Rexhepi Ford Rexhepi Architects
Sue Stringfellow
Harrison Stringfellow
Sian Atherton

Harrison Stringfellow
Jane Cadot
Francesca Piazzoni LSA
Dave Gilkes DK Architects


Dr Hanmei Chen
Dr Stuart Gee
Chris McVerry
Horatio Byrne
and site model team

Special Guests

Alyson Cummins
Trevor Skempton
Steven Metcalf
Laura Mark
Kelly Harrison

Special Thanks

Special thanks to ‘clients’ -Brian Dawe and Kerry Traynor of SAFE regeneration