BA3 Showcase

BA3 studios have experienced a confluence of interest this year. We usually have distinctly different agendas, underpinned by common criteria, however a number of post-covid themes have asserted a more collective approach in 2021/22. This has included the importance of community; options for reinvigorating the high street; and the creative readaptation of existing buildings, including heritage assets in some projects. Every studio has based both Semester 1 and 2 projects in a single location or around a chosen theme in order to achieve a rigorous exploration of place and topic. There is no assertion that our projects are the same. Only that each studio seeks to be relevant in these emergent times and to stay connected with an architecture that has a social agenda and that is both meaningful and joyous.

These last three years in, and outside, education have been challenging. No intake at our School will have experienced this more so than our BA3 graduating class this summer. Nonetheless they have displayed camaraderie in abundance and a desire to succeed whatever the odds throughout these times. There has been a relentless enthusiasm and an absolute determination in the pursuit of excellence. The result of such honest endeavour and inspirational output can be seen in the pages that follow.

Richard Dod BA3 Year Lead