MArch 5 Showcase

Our MArch Programme ambitions to provide an environment of intellectual discussion about current discourses in architecture and culture. We aim to promote creativity, innovation, imagination and experimentation in our studios, which we want to relate to a stronger integration of history and theory, technology and urban, structural and environmental design, but also to the use of new design methodologies, hands-on seminars and the active inclusion of new technology, media and formats in the design process. Our tutors have strong research and professional backgrounds, to grant that our students are competent and confident in all areas of the profession and scales of intervention, from urban design to the technical development of the building. Our design schemes explore both local and international issues: working with real projects in the UK context allows input from national stakeholders to the briefing and review process, but equally important is to reinforce global citizenship, acknowledge the international nature of our cohorts and develop the skills to work in different contexts on site and remotely. Our successful international field trips, design competitions, collaborations with different universities and the diverse range of our exchange programme further support this vision.

Unique to the MArch at Liverpool, it very successfully offers a dynamic structure to support collaborative practice, alternating individual and group work, introducing the students to the opportunities and responsibilities of both methods. Our programme also wants to be led by the students own interests, with brief-making and a personal exploration of a wide range of media and resources as part of the design process, strongly supported by seminars and guest lectures delivered by world-class tutors, academics and practitioners. The broad range of design investigations provides a stimulating and highly rewarding learning experience, and the freedom allowed in the programme enables the student to develop a personal perspective towards design, which frequently informs their professional career. Our graduates have an excellent record of employment in both internationally renowned offices and small-scale specialist practices.