BA3 Showcase

Everyone has enjoyed a rewarding final year on the undergraduate programme after the disruption experienced in recent times. It has been heartening to witness BA3 students working together in shared spaces around the School. Less studio space -due to the new extension- has evidently resulted in more camaraderie. Modelmaking has grown to be a more popular mainstream activity again due to workshop recruitment and, no doubt, the encouragement of the professional photography sessions lined up for the final weeks. Reviews -whether on digital screens or paper pin ups in the Reilly- have bought individuals together for discussion and the exchange of ideas. The perpetuation of creative practice is essential to any successful school of architecture and the results of this are clear to see in our End of Year Exhibition.

BA3 fieldtrips abroad have also made a welcome return. Studios visited Berlin, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Scotland last Semester. The educational benefits of building visits, walking tours and discussing shared experience is inestimable. So too the opportunity to enjoy good times and form lasting memories.

Congratulations to our graduates. Your journey through the education system has been unconventional. You have risen to the challenge, been resourceful and emerged smiling. You have also been key players in re-establishing the best traditions of our School. We wish you further success and hope to see you again soon.

Richard Dod
BA3 Lead