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Practice NORTH focuses on the history and under exploited potential of Liverpool. This year our project briefs required studio members to design a housing scheme in the Georgian Quarter (Semester 1) and a film school on the University Campus (Semester 2). Both sites were corner sites and shared similar challenges of responding to the scale, materiality and special character of a heritage context.

The housing design was for co-living. Students were encouraged to identify a specific client user and to design in accordance with the shared values and interests of this group. The Film School brief involved a range of educational spaces -a lecture theatre, cinema and film studio- and allowed students to re-use an existing 1960’s building which occupied the front of the site.

Our fieldtrip to Scotland provided a tour of the new Glasgow School of Art building (Steven Holl) and a guided tour of modern interventions in Edinburgh city centre. We also visited contemporary teaching buildings at Manchester Metropolitan University and Halle St Peters practice rooms.  Special thanks are extended to Roger Stephenson, Alan Hooper (Glasgow School of Art), Eammon Canniffe (Manchester School of Architecture), Sophie Percival (SP Studio) and, of course, our studio members who have worked hard and been a pleasure to teach.

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Richard Dod
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Roger Stephenson OBE
Andy Murphy and the FM Team
Eamonn Canniffe
Alan Hooper
Professor Wolfgang Dokonal

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